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Snap Feline ProBNP
ตรวจเอนไซม์กล้ามเนื้อหัวใจในแมว จำเป็นยังไง

Silent danger Acute cardiac arrest Cats must be screened and monitored.

Snap Feline ProBNP : Diagnostic test quickly detects abnormalities of the heart muscle from blood flow in cats. which helps assess the risk of silent dangers of heart failure or shock to the point of death Because heart failure does not show any symptoms. Therefore it is necessary to have a diagnosis and screening test.


The advantage of this method of testing is that it is easy to test by drawing blood and the results can be read quickly. It is also possible to classify the severity of cats with heart disease into groups according to their risk. Makes it easy to manage and monitor. Before surgery or a procedure such as a urethral catheter Give large amounts of saline intravenously. It will help to find abnormalities at an early stage. and helps reduce risks that may arise from performing such procedures This may cause congestive heart failure.


Diagnosis of cardiac muscle enzymes in cats It is necessary to use several methods together. No single method should be used to make treatment decisions. Because it may cause errors in diagnosis.


Diagnostic test “Cardiac muscle enzyme testing package for cats” owners can bring their cats in for screening 24 hours a day to reduce the risk. And can provide life-saving treatment to our beloved cats in time.

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